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Know 4 Tips to Choose Shoes before Trekking on Mount Batur

Mount Batur is a popular spot to hike particular for beginner because of easy trekking route as sandy and rocky tracks.

Although, its route is categorized in easy level but every hike is required to prepare proper equipment before trekking particularly for the footwear or the shoes.

The wrong choice may make you get accident as slipping on the sandy and rocky tracks which make the leg becomes bruised or sprained.

The following is some tips how to choose shoes before you do Mount Batur trekking activity.

  1. Choose a Slightly Bigger Size

    Morning Time on Batur Mount

For trekking activity, you should choose shoes in slightly large size than unusual.

Why is that? Because the looser or bigger shoes will provide enough space at the toe, it’s important to prevent your toes squeezed particularly when going down.

  1. Check The Shoes with Comfortable Neck

    The Hiker Stands on the Peak of Mount Batur

Besides size, you should also check the neck of the shoes. Make sure it is made from soft and felt comfortable in your ankle during the trekking.

Otherwise, if you choose shoes with hard material in the neck, it will make your ankle skin become bruised due to rubbing.

  1. Adjust height of Shoe’s Neck as to the Climbing Track

A Woman are Taking an Image on Batur Mount

The trekking shoes generally can be divided into 2 types as high neck and low neck. You can choose one as depends on climbing track.

For trekking on Mount Batur, you can choose shoes with low neck because of easy track levels.

  1. Make Sure The Shoes Have Sharp Soles

Mount Batur Trekking Activity

The tracks of Batur Mount are sandy and rocky, make sure the shoes have sharp shoes to prevent your slip along the route.

And also make your footsteps are stronger so that your trekking activity become more comfortable.

Okay, above are some tips how to choose shoes for trekking. May be useful!