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5 Tips When Having ATV Adventure Tour in Bali for Beginner

 Bali ATV Tour is an outdoor activity that you may try in Bali Island. The adventure will challenge you to conquer along thrilling natural tracks that are wet, muddy, and a little steep on a quad bike.

Perhaps you are interested to try it in the island but wondering “what is the operation of quad bike difficult? Can the beginner join?

The operation isn’t actually too difficult and the beginners are also allowed to join in Bali Atv tour. However, you should know a few when having ATV adventure as below it.

Tips When Having ATV Adventure for Beginner

Atv Adventure in Bali

The following are a few of tips you should know when wanting to try ATV adventure.

  1. Know kind of transmission type

Generally, there are 2 kinds of quad bike transmissions as manual and automatic. Bali adventure providers usually prefer to provide automatic transmission type because its operation is easier than manual type and suitable for the beginner.

  1. Learn how to operational it

The operation of a quad bike is similar to motorcycle but its accelerator looks different because shaping as a button (pressed with thumb).

In addition, the guide will tell and teach you how to ride it in the beginning of adventure.

  1. Use a Full Equipment Appropriately

Along riding quad bike, you will be required to use safety equipment as a helm and gumboot. Make sure you use it appropriately as locking the rope at the helmet so that your adventure can be comfortable.

  1. Turning Correctly

Although, its operational is similar to motorcycle but the technique of turning on quad bike is a little different.

When you will turn right, lean your body slightly to the left. Otherwise, lean slightly to right for turn left. It aims as for avoiding the vehicle is turned upside and make you fall down.

  1. Follow Instruction of Guide

During the adventure, you should obey the instruction of the guide. It is notable for safe and comfortable experience.

Above are a few tips which you should know. So, are you ready to have fun atv adventure in Bali?