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5 Mandatory Items during Mount Batur Volcano Trekking

Trekking is fun activity that may be done on the mount. This activity always can interest the nature lovers especially in Bali Island. Sundry of nature splendours may be got by doing Bali Trekking.

One of popular trekking point is Batur Mount. This mount is the second highest volcano in Bali Island. It’s well-known because of offering the easy trekking and glorious sunrise view which be fit for beginner trekker. Though its trek is called easy but it may also spend your energy enough.

For the fluent of Mount Batur Volcano Trekking, you should prepare the important items before. In addition, this items will also support you when getting the unexpected things. The Mandatory Items that must be brought are:

  1. The Hiking Bag

The bag can be said as the most important items in the adventure. Not possible as you bring many the supporting items without take a bag. So the bag will make your items be more efficient to carry on.

  1. The Jacket

The mount may be considered like the hill, the both offer a cold ambience. Even less you do a trekking activity in the morning or midnight, perhaps it will be cooler. By wearing the jacket, it will make your body temperature keep warm.

  1. The Trekking Special Shoe

Lot of rocky and sandy treks will be found during the trekking. Hence, the trekking shoes shouldn’t be forgotten to be worn. It will make your footstep more comfortable to walk on the hard fields.

  1. The Flashlight

For getting a wonderful sunrise view in the morning, the trekker will start to hike in the midnight. The view on the mount is generally dark or lowlight in that time. Your sight is probably rather annoyed without the flashlight. So its existence can lights your sight in the front.

  1. The Camera

Although the camera don’t support your trekking but it’s exceedingly useful to capture in every your moments during Batur mount Bali trekking. Even less, the sunrise view is waiting for you in the morning. You definitely don’t want to lose that lovely moments.

Those is a few mandatory items during Batur Mount Sunrise Bali Trekking. Make sure you don’t forget one of them. So that, your trek will be fluent and safely.