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Sundry the Lovely Views on Mount Batur Tour Volcano

Bali Island has a few the volcanos which you may apply as trekking point. The most famous one is Batur Mount, a volcano which display sundry the lovely views on its peak.

Its natural panorama can always invite the traveller to visit this Mount Batur Tour Volcano.

Batur Volcano is really acceptable for beginner mount climber. Its easy track make the people who have no a climbing experience can attempts this volcano.

Although its track is easy to be conquered but it won’t impress the beautiful panorama which is offered on its peak.

Following the view that you can witness on the peak of Batur Volcano.

  1. Wonderful Sunrise

    Wonderful Sunrise on Batur Mount
    Wonderful Sunrise on Batur Mount

The sunrise on the beach is indeed beautiful but on the peak of Mount Batur will seems clear and more fantastic.

Even less that area presents a fresh air in the morning, breathe and feel its freshness that goes into your body.

For getting this panorama, you should start climbing in the midnight or can also camp there.

  1. Sea of Clouds Panorama

    Sunrise and Cloud of Sea on Batur Mount
    Sunrise and Cloud of Sea on Batur Mount

Not only the sunrise that you see in the peak. A groups of clouds that is like a sea of clouds in among blue sky also will accompany your trekking.

The presence of yellowish sunshine also will make it seems more perfect. This is rare moment which should be captured.

  1. The Glorious of Batur Lake

    Glorious of Batur Lake
    Glorious of Batur Lake

The situation of Batur Lake is side by side with Batur Mount. No wonder, its panorama can be looked from the peak of Batur mount.

The glamour of Batur Lakes is really distinct. Even less it’s completed with a green vista of wilding around it.

Those are a few the views which can be seen on Batur Volcano. Make sure you always capture all of panorama by the camera so that don’t lose.

As you’re a true mountain climber, this volcano definitely can add the list of your climbing experience.

In case you’re interested to get these amazing views. We offer Batur Trekking Tour Service and happily help you during the trip.

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