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Waiting for the Sunrise in Bali Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

The mount is a fantastic masterpiece of the God. The majesty of this nature objects often be a favourite adventure spot for true adventurer especially trekking activity lovers. In there, the adventurers may channel their hobby to conquer the challenging nature fields.

Doing Bali Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking activity on the mount can disappear your stress caused walking for a while on the mountain area will give you a soothing sensation.

Bali Island offers few affordable mounts to do Bali Trekking Activity. One of that popular mounts are Batur Mount. This second highest mount in Bali is constantly crowded chosen by the visitor as their trekking spot. Its friendly and easy track is truly suitable for beginner trekker.

Sunrise and Cloud of Sea on Batur Mount

Besides that, the existence of many the places to stay around Batur area causes the travellers prefer Batur Mount for trekking.

The most of people who hike on this mount has an intention to get the impressive scenery on its peak. The view that is offered on Batur Mount namely a lovely sunrise.

Hence, you should do a trekking activity at midnight. Make sure you remember to bring a lightning item such as flashlight cause that trekking spot definitely rather dark or low light. 

For hiking trip, it will probably take the times approximately 2,5 hours. At 03.00 clock is right time to start the trekking. So you can arrive to there on time.

Wonderful Sunrise on Batur Mount

The sunrise will be looked more excellent when witnessing from on the peak. Even less, it’s combined by the green natural that you will look along the trekking.

By witnessing, get a few stead like changes your negative mood to positive mood or also refresh your mind. Besides the sunrise view, the greatness of lakes landscape also seems from a distance. The both is seen like as proper synthesis.

You must remember that sunrise scenery only will going on within a few hours. Therefore, it should be utilized properly. The camera is a mandatory item that should be ready in your hand. So as all of that rare moment can be immortalized and don’t just disappear.