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Can I Go Trekking on Mount Batur in The Afternoon?

As known, Mount Batur is well-known as for sunrise viewing point. The hiker can start to go trekking in the midnight exactly between 01.00 – 03.00 am for sunrise view on the peak.

It surely requires every hiker to wake up earlier. However, some of people who get a trouble to wake up earlier maybe want to choose in the afternoon for trekking.

Can I go trekking on Batur Mount in the afternoon? In fact, it is still possible to do! But, you probably will not see more amazing than in the midnight.

The following are some facts that you may get when trekking on Batur Mount in the afternoon.

  1. Hotter Atmosphere

    Trekking on Batur Mount in the Afternoon

When trekking in the midnight, atmosphere along the climbing route is probably felt colder and fresher. But, it will be felt hotter in the afternoon.

Maybe you will feel thirsty early because you sweat more. So, it’s recommended to prepare more mineral water for your trekking.

  1. No Stunning Sunrise

    Sunrise on the Peak of Batur Mount

The stunning sunrise view will be only got if you start to go trekking in the midnight. When trekking in the afternoon, there are only caldera and lake view to looks from the peak if it isn’t cloudy.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hope to get more amazing view when trekking in the afternoon.

  1. Mandatory Items to Prepare

    Mount Batur Hike Activity

Need to know that trekking in the afternoon may make your skin burnt by a radiation of sunlight. Hence, you need to prepare some items such as: a jacket and a sunblock

You can wear and apply those items during the adventure to prevent your skin burnt.

After finding out some of facts above, will you go trekking on Batur Mount in the afternoon?