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The Needed Time to Climb Mount Batur that You Must Know

For those who will plan to climb Mount Batur, you probably get a question about “how many times to climb the mount?”

In fact, the climbing doesn’t take long time as other mounts, only 2 hours to get the peak. If you are a beginner or have no experience, it maybe will take about 3 hours.

The mount has a height of 1.717 meters above sea levels.

Its climbing route is full of rocky terrains and not dense forest as others hiking tracks. In addition, 3 kilometers from the start point is asphalt road.

By all of them, Mount Batur is really suitable for the beginners.

The following are some useful tips that beginners should know before climbing the mount.

  1. Take Care of Health

    Sunrise Time on Batur Mount

Before climbing, you should remember to always take care of health. Make sure your physical is good and fit.

It is important for getting comfortable experiences and be got by doing exercise routinely and healthy diet.

  1. Wear Proper Preparation

    Combination of Sunrise and Clouds Sea on Mount Batur

Besides above, you prepare some proper preparation which consists of a jacket, special hiking shoes, a long pant, a flashlight, packed meal, mineral water, and also first kit box.

The preparation is also useful to support yourself during the trekking and make your experience become more amazing.

  1. Hire a Guide for Hiking

    Mount Batur Trekkking Activity

If you have no experience, hire a guide to accompany you during the climbing so that you don’t get lost along the route.

The guide can hired near start point or book him on website of the trekking tour providers in Bali.

Have a great experience!