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Important Information You Should Know in Mount Batur Private Tour

For those of you who like a hiking activity. Maybe Mount Batur Private Tour is appropriate to try when having a vacation in Bali.

Batur Mount is an active volcano in Kintamani Area, Bangli Regency. The location is about 2 hours 15 minutes or 79.9 kilometers drive if you depart from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport.

You can reach this point by two wheels or four wheels transport kind. The routes is easy to pass and not as crowded as South Bali.

Batur Mount – Favourite Trekking Spot in Bali

Batur Sunrise Trekking

Batur Volcano has height about 1.717 meters above sea level. Maybe it sounds less challenging if you are true hikers. But this spot is very advised to try once.

The mountain is suitable for novice or people who have no experienced. Many tourist prefer this point to begin their first trekking experience. The routes is quite challenging for beginner.

Besides first trekking experience, the most wanted thing by many people on Batur Volcano is a wonderful sunrise scenery.

For getting the beautiful scenery, you must start to trek at midnight exactly in between 01.00 – 02.00.

Generally, the peak of the mount can be reached in time about 2 hours trek. But, it is really determined by your energy and physical condition.

Beautiful Sunrise with the Sea of Clouds

Beautiful Sunrise on Batur Mount

When you have arrived at the peak, the situation is felt quite cold. The fresh atmosphere is really felt when taking a breath. This natural oasis is really rare to get in other places.

Meanwhile, beautiful sunrise view will also welcome you on the peak. It will truly take the sight of eyes.

As far as you see, it looks like in fairy tale where the clear sky combine with yellowish sunrise if as surrounding you on the peak.

Favorite Trekking Spot in Bali

Not only that, the sea of fabulous cloud also appears around it. Sit back on rocky is best way to enjoy this perfect nature phenomena.

And don’t forget to always hold the camera on you hand, so that you don’t lose the rare and beautiful view combination.

The Preparations before Hiking

Hiking on Batur Mount

Before trekking, there a few of preparations which you should know. The preparations are:

1. Physical Condition

Batur Volcano Sunrise Trekking

Physical condition is the most important thing you must prepare before trekking on Batur Mount. Make your physical condition is pretty good.

Whether you can prepare it by exercising about 2 times a week before hiking time. This will make your physical better prepared to conquer the unexpected routes.

2. Supporting Equipmens and Items

Fun Trekking on Batur Mount

Aside the physical condition, there are also some other important items you should prepare, namely:

  • Jacket
    As you have known that mountain situation is quite cold and maybe will make your skin shiver.
    Bring a thick jacket to warm your body.
  • Hiking Special Shoes
    The condition on mountain is generally uneven and full of challenges. Wear a hiking special shoes to make your footrest stronger and ease to conquer the unexpected route.
  • Torch Light
    This item is very important if you trek at midnight especially. Torch will help to light up the way in the dark area. And make sure the battery in full condition before.
  • Hand Gloves
    Wearing hand glove is very required when trekking on the mount. It will help to protect your hand from cold temperature.
  • Medicine Storage Box
    This item is also very important just in case an unexpected accident. The medicines you should bring are the ointment for muscle cramps, wound medicine, and bandages.
  • Camera
    Camera isn’t a mandatory item but it will help to avoid you in losing much worth moments.
    Snack and Mineral water
    Along the trekking, you maybe will feel hungry and thirsty. Snack and mineral water truly help to fill your energy.

3. Private Guide

Kintamani Batur Volcano

Hiring a private guide is really advised if you have no experience and friend to trek. The guide will help to support the fluency of your tour.

Okay, it all is some information you should know before trekking on Batur Mount. So, when do you want to hike?